The New Zealand Mathematics Research Institute (NZMRI) Inc.

The NZMRI is an organisation established in the 1990s with the aim of promoting mathematical research in New Zealand.

The main focus of the NZMRI’s activity has been the organisation of summer meetings on particular topics of contemporary significance in mathematics, to which some of the world’s best mathematicians are invited for the purpose of giving short courses of lectures and interacting with local researchers and graduate students.

This activity has been generously supported by the Marsden Fund (through 3-year grants 1995-98, 1998-2001 and 2001-04), the NZIMA (through its thematic programmes (2003-2008) and directly (2008-2011)), and contributions by individuals (from NZ and overseas) and by mathematics and statistics departments at NZ universities.

Workshops organised and sponsored through the NZMRI (formerly known as the NZ Institute of Mathematics) to date have been as follows:

The NZRMI is an incorporated society and has been granted charitable status by the NZ Inland Revenue Department. Donations are welcome, and will be put towards enhancing the mathematical research environment in New Zealand.

Its Directors (who serve on a voluntary (unpaid) basis) are Vaughan Jones (University of Auckland, University of California Berkeley, and Vanderbilt University), Marston Conder (University of Auckland), Rod Downey (Victoria University of Wellington), Rod Gover (University of Auckland), Stephen Marsland (Massey University), Gaven Martin (Massey University) and Eamonn O’Brien (University of Auckland).

A list of current members (as at 15 February 2017) is listed below.

Contact address: 22 Arawa St, Orakei, Auckland 1071, New Zealand.


List of members of the NZMRI (Inc.)

Astrid an Huef        University of Otago, New Zealand
Kari Astala        University of Helsinki, Finland
Chris Atkin        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Douglas Bridges        University of Canterbury, New Zealand
John Butcher        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Marston Conder        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Peter Donelan        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Rod Downey        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Michael Fellows     Charles Darwin University, Australia
Joerg Frauendiener    University of Otago, New Zealand
Steven Galbraith      University of Auckland, New Zealand
David Gauld        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Rob Goldblatt        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Rod Gover        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Noam Greenberg        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Michael Hendy         University of Otago, New Zealand
Mark Holmes         University of Auckland, New Zealand
Peter Hunter        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Vaughan Jones        Vanderbilt University, USA
Ernie Kalnins        University of Waikato, New Zealand
Vivien Kirk         University of Auckland, New Zealand
Bernd Krauskopf        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Gus Lehrer        University of Sydney, Australia
Gaven Martin        Massey University, New Zealand
Stephen Marsland    Massey University, New Zealand
Robert McLachlan    Massey University, New Zealand
Tetsuji Miwa        Kyoto University, Japan
Rua Murray          University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Walter Neumann        Columbia University, USA
Eamonn O’Brien        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Hinke Osinga        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Mike O’Sullivan        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Iain Raeburn         University of Otago, New Zealand]‎
Ivan Reilly        University of Auckland, New Zealand
David Ryan        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Alastair Scott        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Charles Semple        University of Canterbury, New Zealand
James Sneyd        University of Auckland, New Zealand
Mike Steel          University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Matt Visser        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Graeme Wake        Massey University, New Zealand
Graham Weir        [Retired from] Industrial Research Ltd, New Zealand
Geoff Whittle        Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Ilze Ziedins         University of Auckland, New Zealand